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Wes Hype & JUICE Comedy

OTTAWA | Wha Gwan New Year feat. White Yardie

OTTAWA | Wha Gwan New Year feat. White Yardie

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This New Year's Eve in Ottawa promises to be an uproarious affair as the renowned comedian White Yardie returns to the city for a one-night-only performance! Known for his vibrant storytelling and quick-witted humor, White Yardie brings his unique blend of cultural insights and observational comedy to the stage.

Joining him is the exceptionally talented African comedian Wellington Ojukwu, whose own brand of humor perfectly complements Yardie's style. Together, they're set to create an unforgettable evening filled with laughter and entertainment. Don't miss this dynamic duo as they bid farewell to the year with their hilarious perspectives, ensuring you start the new year with a smile!



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